Cerda, Llanos y Cia. is a Florida-based wine merchant and national-level importer. The company was founded in September 2012 and ceased wholesale distribution within Florida in April 2024.

The company (USA) has a storied family history dating back to 1930s Spain and 1940s Cuba (originally established in Santiago de Cuba and active until October 1960). Today, our mission is to help wine industry professionals throughout the world to select, promote, and distribute natural wine that fits eclectic tastes and lifestyles.


We work with artisanal and small-production producers from around the world who show distinct style in their wines. They are committed to beneficial vineyard practices and demonstrate transparency in their winemaking methods.

All of our producers practice organic farming (many are certified) and some follow biodynamic practices. Without exception, all employ natural winemaking methods in the cellar. Natural wines are not a fad, in fact they hark back to the days of old.

Our selection process is based on a thorough understanding of the traditional past with an interest in representing brave winemakers who elaborate wines that are honestly made and full of character. This goes well beyond selection based on the traditional notion of terroir or approval by an appellation board. Instead, we encourage change in the wine category much like the trends in the craft beer movement or the global fusion taking hold in gastronomy. Everything we do is to make wine matter in support of the professional wine buyer and their efforts to solve the perfect puzzle for the modern-day wine enthusiast.


Our portfolio includes a diverse set of producers from all over the world including the U.S., some of whom are well known internationally or are just beginning to establish themselves in the marketplace. As best we can, these wine selections represent the natural wine movement or are from exciting artisanal winemakers from around the world.

Natural wine is a type of wine that is made with minimal intervention from the winemaker, using only grapes and natural yeast, without the addition of chemicals, additives, or industrial processes. It matters because it allows the expression of the unique terroir and characteristics of the grapes, while also promoting sustainable and ethical practices in the wine industry. Natural wine also offers a diverse range of flavors and styles that reflect the creativity and individuality of the winemakers, providing a refreshing alternative to mass-produced wines.


We are highly committed to serving the needs of the professional wine buyer and sommelier, yet also have a keen understanding of the wine buying public. Our team monitors the cultural landscape and assesses new opportunities for both wine category and brand level growth. Our everyday efforts are sometimes whimsical which serves as a simple and fun reminder of the joy of wine and its enchanting role in the life of our communities.


For more information, please contact us via phone or email.

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