Cerdá, Llanos y Cía. is based in Naples (Southwest Florida) and is a federally permitted importer and state licensed wholesale distributor of Spanish wines.

The company has historical wine production roots in Spain and prior to 1960 it held food and beverage import/distribution rights in Cuba. In 2012, a new company was formed in the United States to carry forward a rich family tradition centered around wine category development, branding, and consumer education. Today, our mission is to pair ‘New Spain’ wines with Florida’s eclectic tastes and lifestyles.

We work with family-owned or small-production wineries from numerous Spanish regions which show distinct style in their wines, many of which are deemed artisanal, organic, biodynamic, and natural. We methodically select, promote, and primarily distribute wines we directly import from Spain or in some cases redistribute wines from other like-minded specialty importers with unique selections. Some call this ‘ship-to-table’, we see it as the only way to break new ground in the crowded and sometimes stagnant wine marketplace. We complement our wine portfolio by importing other Spanish beverages including craft beer, hard apple cider, and natural mineral water.

Our dedicated team is highly-experienced in the restaurant, retail, import, and wholesale sectors and we follow a people-centric approach in servicing the needs of both our distinguished restaurant and retail clients and the special winemakers we proudly represent.

Cerdá, Llanos y Cía. is a vertically-integrated operation with its own temperature-controlled distribution center that offers service throughout Florida and a growing list of select key markets throughout the United States (through other wholesale distributors).


We are knowledge-based curators of a distinct portfolio of wines that represent the genius loci or “spirit of place” that truly reflect the origins and other key elements of their identity.

Our selection process is based on a thorough understanding of the traditional past with a growing interest in representing winemakers who elaborate wines full of character using autochthonous grape varieties in solving the perfect puzzle for the modern-day wine enthusiast.


We are highly committed to serving the needs of the professional wine buyer and sommelier, yet also have a keen understanding of the wine buying public. Our team monitors the cultural landscape and assesses new opportunities for both wine category and brand level growth. This video features a Latvian wine bar and retail store on a special “customer appreciation day” and demonstrates our way of thinking. It highlights the pouring of two of the Spanish wines we import and serves as a simple and fun reminder of the joy of wine and its enchanting role in the life of our communities.

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Cerdá, Llanos y Cía. is a member of the Med America Shippers Association and proud sponsor of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.



Our import portfolio includes a unique set of Spanish winemakers, some of whom are well known in Spain and are just beginning to establish themselves in the U.S. marketplace and others whose wines are rarely available in Florida. In most cases, our wines represent the ‘New Spain’ movement.

Cerdá, Llanos y Cía. is an industry specialist of wines from the Balearic Islands (an autonomous community and a province of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea to the East of Barcelona and Valencia) that range from the Vino de la Tierra (VdlT) designations of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera to the more recently designated appellations or Denominación de Origen (DO) of DO Binnisalem (Mallorca – 1991) and DO Pla i Llevant (Mallorca – 2001). Grape growing and wine production was introduced to the historically significant island region by the ancient Romans in the year 121 BC and cultivation has continued for hundreds of years through near constant states of change and an interesting series of outside cultural influences. In the 18th century, grape plant stock from the islands made their way to what is present day California and Florida. The region like the rest of Europe suffered through the phylloxera plague at the end of the 19th century. In the late 20th century there was a revival of the wine industry due to the demand for quality wine by locals and tourists alike. The indigenous grape varieties in these areas include Prensal (also called Moll), Callet, Fogoneu, Manto Negro, and Gargollassa which are carefully crafted to produce wines known locally as “blanc” (white wine) and “negre” (red wine or “tinto” in Spanish with a reference to the word “black”) in the native language similar to Catalan. These varieties are sometimes blended with other Spanish native and foreign varieties to create truly unique and special wines that are appreciated by wine enthusiasts throughout the world.

We are fortunate to be partnered with some of the best and emerging wineries in the Balearic Islands and also from other important and select winemaking regions of Spain including DOCa Rioja, DO Ribera del Duero, DOCa Priorat, DO Rias Baixas, DO Montsant, DO Penedés, DO Cava (DOP), and DO Cariñena.

Our winery partners are listed below. Please contact us to learn more about our current in-stock wine product offerings.

Winery Partners

We are proud to directly import and self-distribute wines from some of Spain’s best and up-and-coming wineries from a wide variety of regions, styles, and varietals. Below is a current list of wineries we exclusively represent in Florida.





































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Kindly note that Cerdá, Llanos y Cía. is strictly a wholesale distributor selling only direct to retailers, restaurants, and other wholesale distributors. To learn which retail stores and/or restaurants in your area carry our wines, send us an e-mail and provide your contact information and details about your request.


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